Roubo’s Apartment Workbench, part deux

I could have built three benches in the time it took me to finishing blogging about one.

I attempted to use hand tools as much as possible, but given my skills, not to mention my patience, I certainly used a combination of hand and power tools.

Here are the details of the build. I figure a picture tells a thousand words, so perhaps I’ll start doing more pictorial blog posts for builds.  Let me know what you think about this format.

Apartment Bench 1Apartment Bench 2

Apartment Bench 3

Apartment Bench 4

Apartment Bench 5

I went back and forth about how I wanted to integrate a Moxon vice.  I decided I wanted to have it permanently mounted to the front of the bench,  a choice that I have been very happy with.  I needed to install a locking nut within the sliding dovetail joint in order to allow the bolt to lock.  Pretty proud for coming up with this one on my own and it worked like a charm.  It should be noted that I did not install the Moxon vice until I got thru the tight apartment doors in Brooklyn.

Apartment Bench 6

Apartment Bench 7

Roubo Bench - 1 (1)

Packed for the trip to Brooklyn!


4 thoughts on “Roubo’s Apartment Workbench, part deux

  1. Hi Christopher. I really like how your bench turned out. Along with my Veritas twin screw vise I was tempted to drill some holes in the front legs for holdfasts as you did. Has it been helpful so far? I still may drill those holes. Although my vise doesn’t have the height like a Moxon vise, I think in having the twin screw vise it gives me nearly the same capability. Neat to see your Sheldon vise in the pics too. I picked up one that is a user and I hope to mount it on the next bench as an end vise. Best wishes. Jim

  2. Fun times. I like the photo & caption storytelling. I am strongly thinking of making a new “in-the-office” bench. My current one was built in the early days and the top is not thick enough for satisfactory chopping. It is a nice piece of furniture, but….

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