A guy with another blog!?!…

It’s true. I’ve decided to actively join the conversation.

When I was at Woodworking in America last year I met so many amazing folks. I was really surprised how many of them had blogs.  You know the characters!  Some I knew and already followed and some it was my 1st introduction. I must admit, when I discovered how many had blogs, I thought: “Wow! What can you possibly be blogging about?  You seem like a novice woodworker, with just a little more time put in than me! What could you teach me?  You’re not Marc Spagnuolo!

Well, a year later I have to eat my words. I spend countless hours reading these blogs. The woodworking blogosphere isn’t necessarily about teaching, it’s a true community where some very generous folks share their ideas and projects for all of the world to see. I am a weekend warrior in the true sense of the word.  We split our time between the city and the country.  Every weekend we drive north to our house, where I try to squeeze in shop time amongst other projects and family activities.  During the week I am 140 miles from my shop, so the blogs really keep my passion for woodworking alive during the week.

We all love our “shop time”, but let’s face it, we are usually out in the garage or down in basement working (& often struggling) by ourselves. The blogosphere has changed all that. I often take breaks from my shop time check in with what everyone else is up to. It’s nice to know that even though I’ve chosen a solitude hobby, I’m not alone! Woodworking is seeing a resurgence and there are a lot of enthusiastic participants out there.

So rather than be a passive reader, I’ve decided to be an active participant and join the blogging community.  Hopefully I can offer both intriguing content and a unique perspective, by not only sharing my own projects and experiences, but also exploring other woodworkers, designers and industry professionals.  I hope to include interviews with various craftsman/women, galleries and articles that I find inspirational and my thoughts in general on design and woodworking.

Hopefully I can give back to the blogging community, as much as it’s given to me.